MOZA Racing officially joined the thrilling world of Sim Racing in September 2021.

With over 10 years of meticulous research and development in automotive chassis control, specializing in fully active suspension systems, and a remarkable track record of 8 years in designing, manufacturing, and delivering camera gimbals to millions of users globally, we bring an unrivaled combination of expertise to the sim racing market.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in automotive powertrain, electric motor, and chassis control, as well as our proficiency in producing top-notch camera stabilizers, MOZA Racing emerges as a formidable contender in the dynamic realm of sim racing.

As the sole Chinese company to have mastered a fully active vehicle shock absorption system, our foray into racing simulators is a natural extension of our automotive prowess.


With an extensive ecosystem of exceptional products that includes Formula and GT Steering Wheels, Direct Drive Wheelbase, Pedals, and accessories such as sim racing dashboards, handbrakes, and quick-release adapters, MOZA Racing has garnered widespread acclaim.

We take pride in our rapid growth in market share and sales of Direct-Drive wheels, partnering with numerous esteemed retailers worldwide.

As our user base expands across over 50 countries and continues to grow exponentially, we have emerged as the brand of choice for simulation events, professional racers, influential figures, and passionate enthusiasts alike.

Experience the pinnacle of sim racing with MOZA Racing and discover a world where innovation, authenticity, and personalized performance come together seamlessly.